Sweet Blind Justice


How often does Blind Justice taste sweet? Maybe time is ripe to open our eyes, heal blindness and judge righteously. Taste the bitter and sweet of life and heal.

Let Blind Justice shine with neon inspiration. Like those scriptures say, remove the mote from the eye and judge good from evil with power of a clear mind.

So many get trapped and often slapped with day to day events in a materialistic economy. Most often the artists arrange shards in considerations of life and death - reflecting or deflecting our communal grave encounters. Who who those skeletons - bones left from blood - can reveal so little or so much. How do we live. How did our ancestors live. When will justice prevail for this globe?

Burn the blues with a Burning Man Burning Blues. Let us burn up illicit infection, open the eyes of blind justice and taste the ultimate sweetness life offers.





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