Subconscious Definition


Scot Aaron characterizes consciousness connections with the subconscious. Define this image with subliminal, intuitive "subconscious" activities influencing one's thoughts and behavior. [See below for more information where he took this photograph.] Scot says one can float upon memories imbued with past feelings that trigger underlying thoughts impacting our behavior. The image can represent a definition of the subconscious.

The metallic like circle suspended above obviously represents a Christian halo, often reserved for saints. Here we can ask what a halo symbolizes. Scot Aaron states, "our prioritized intentions - those perfect circles uplift the subconscious, even angelically influencing awareness towards crowned perfections of God."

Most of us can sense the basic definition of the subconscious - those influences occurring below [the sub] our conscious awareness. Scot hints at spiritual depths in his image and often talks about how our physical life on Earth is to prepare for death and a potential afterlife. Though seemingly tied up by subconscious influences, how can we best utilize our day by day conscious awareness and activities to positively affect our own subconscious? Scot loves the three thousand plus years of ancient Egypt, and its focus on life after death - our shadows-for-life. In fact Scot Aaron often clarifies how the subconscious can intimately define a potential afterlife. He has written, "the clearest way to understand what might occur after the death of the physical body is to more fully comprehend awareness within life. .... The afterlife can be best understood as something between our waking and sleep consciousness."

The afterlife and subconscious is represented in various of Scot's 2004-2008 photos added in his Extra Pictures .
Take a look at his artistic photo of branch-above-and-below. What branches above is reflected below. On sweet-blind-justice, the beautiful, blindfolded woman holds scales of justice, enlightened within neon-like shades. She senses the balancing of truth with a necessity for justice. Or, look at communal-grave-encounters taken from ancient bones excavated from a communal grave where the deceased were buried together thousands of years ago in the desert. Note how one
encounters a skeleton that appears to stare towards the viewer while overlooking the once active humans. Imagine that symbolic tunnel connecting life and death where all can go to-the-light.


This above image is one of many from Scot Aaron's ten plus years of visiting the Louvre Museum in Pairs. The original painting, "The Young Martyr" by Paul Delaroche is said to be from 1855 [meaning it is free of copyright like all of the paintings and sculpture in the Louvre]. This neoclassical like painting from the Romantic movement of the 19th century shows a warlike figure in the background.



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