Cowboy Quotes this Sky


Scot Aaron uses art in this photo he takes in Cody Wyoming on his way to Yellowstone National Park. This is cowboy country, even with its cowboy museum where attributes persist with as some locals still brand cattle or quote from the past where they used to head their beef to the railroads. Except from ancestors from the old days, cowboys now a days really on rodeos and local fairs to show off their styles.

The art done with this photograph relies on quotes between the cowboy riding on a horse, his rifle up in the sky as if to command the building storm in the clouds. This image makes one think if some cowboys actually embodied the indigenous energies of land and became like cowboy shamans. Instead of the Native American medicine man, the coffee, chewing tobacco, horses, rifles, and holsters become the new symbols. Cattle replace buffalo and cowboys ride the plains until replaced by railroads tracks, then highways with cars and trucks.

If you like cloud and nature images - like to the popular photo of the sun rising in the sky above the Grand Canyon in an Ancient Sunrise. Another interesting perspective of sky with presents the power of cloud formations is Scot Aaron's mystic-landscape. That original photo was taken in Colorado.







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