Ra Shadows for Life


Ra Shadows for Life is photo art of Ra as the primary representation of God from ancient Egypt. See an artist reveal Shadows of Life. Wear your sacred ankh.

Of course to many experts on Ra and ancient Egypt this might actually be the sculpture representing the ancient Egyptian god Horus. Those in ancient Egypt would represent both Ra and Horus and a falcon headed. Ra would typically wear a solar orb as crowned headdress - The sun disc is encircled by the protective cobra snake - the uraei connected to the cobra goddess Wadjyt. Live with the power of God so Horus and Ra represent two sides of the same coin [so to speak].

If you like art incorporating ancient Egypt - link to Thoth in the form of a baboon Thoth Shadows. Thoth represents wisdom, the one who records names in Earth's Book of LIfe - so to speak.







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