Durer Self Portrait



How many art lovers know about the great [maybe the greatest] German artists Durer? Durer lived in Nuremberg Germany at the time of the Renaissance. In fact Durer traveled to Italy to connect with inspirational artists [like da Vinci] and paint.

Many can ask themselves who are the greatest artists to ever live and who are the greatest during each period of western art history? During the time of impressionism, almost everyone can agree on the genius of Van Gogh - for example. Van Gogh is applies the impressionistic technique [quick impressionistic strokes], yet is so expressionistic that some consider him the father of Expressionism. [Note - Van Gogh may be considered one of the greatest artists of all time up there with da Vinci.]

Durer can be consider a groundbreaking artist and in real way - the father of public art with his inexpensive and widely available woodcut prints [like Durer's famous images on the Apocalypse].

The Durer self portraits above are of an artist seeing and being inspired by foundational artist from the Renaissance.








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