Artist Words of Motivation
Words of Inspiration and Encouragement

So often artists get discouraged. Artists seem to constantly need words of motivation. Something keeps us going on those dark nights, after the bright lights of motivation stimulated those internal words of inspiration and encouragement, offering our most profound moments of creativity.

Let words of motivation inspire discouraged artists and others seeking additional words of encouragement in their inspired art of daily living.  

When is an artist truly motivated and ready to present their artistic inspirations to major audiences? What actually encourages people to attend a popular concert? How do personal motivations connect our inner power with the inspirations of an artist? Maybe they connect to the energies behind the artist’s words? Were you ever so motivated by "small-time" a performance or piece of art, that you felt like you “discovered” a great “undiscovered” artist? How can we really "know" our level of intimacy when the inspiration can go so deep? Yes, let words of inspiration and encouragement resound in the heart! Great Art and Artists can totally motivate with their emotions! Let words, images, and our connection with great art and artists transform. In fact, the motivations can be so strong that we can feel connected with the very “destiny” associated with great art and artists?

Van-Gogh-Artist-Words-of-Motivation Inspiration and Encouragement
Van Gogh Self Portrait from one of my photos.
The lifetime of Van Gogh fills artists with words
of motivation, inspiration and encouragement.

Consider the motivation driving great artists like Van Gogh or Emily Dickinson. Does certain art take time until profound, powerful motivations connect with their audiences – like ripe grapes fermenting to the best wine? Did friends or family [like Van Gogh’s brother] provide necessary words of inspiration and encouragement? Or did an unseen power, the fulfillment of art for the sake of art, provide inner words of motivation, inspiration and encouragement?

Contrast posthumous fame to young motivational artists like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Kirk Corbin who all die at 27, potentially before their time. Their words of motivation catch on like wildfire. Then when they are gone, their artist words of motivation grow with time, connecting more and more of us to their very source of motivation. 

Let’s look closer at Artists in today’s global age of communication and add hopeful words of motivation, inspiration and encouragement. 

Misplaced motivations sometimes stay green. An artist gets lost in fame and money before the fruit of their motivations are ripe, ready to feast upon. Tightropes of talent wind with lofty motivation, tracing a very fine line. Artists often get mixed-up in materialism and distracted motivations. How can an artist balance motivation, inspiration and encouragement with self survival, herd-mentalities, and egos?

Tintorreto image of Moses. Inspiration from artists often encourage our best
religious inspirational sayings. What Artists can hear words of motivation,
words of inspiration and encouragement?

For the greatest of inspirational Art and Artist, the priority is to “lose oneself.” Ultimately, an artist is motivated to realize that Higher Self, the completely inspired Self every artist knows in their moments of pure expression… the making of love that motivates pure inspiration. This is when what IS is! These are our spires of inspiration. True words of motivation are like best religious inspirational sayings. This almost incomprehensible motivation embodies the I AM of Moses, the burning bosom, the undressing of flesh to reveal a naked soul, as if touching and tasting dewdrops of spilt blood. Emotional scars upon souls often scream within chalices of pain; nonetheless, tongues can reach hitherto heights, waxing wicks of flight seeking to soar as the light ... and embody the words of motivation herself.

Angels hold palm branches and offer crowns. Water above encourages inspirations from a fertile paradise. These angels can represent Muses continually inspiring words of motivation. [This picture is from Botticelli's Mystic Nativity.]


Yes, let our most motivational art fashion communal feathers, superscripted as our words of faith. Here the Muse polishes her compass, directing artists to a timeless feast of motivation, inspiration and encouragement. Unravel every vein and vine that can prepare ingredients able to fill our five senses! Let the “word became flesh;” true religious inspirational sayings!

Let us call out! Songbirds, supply your supple harmonies sent from gates of motivation, inspiration and encouragement. Alight storehouses of reality. Within the very conception of inspiration and motivation awaits a greater purpose. The words of motivation and inspiration swirl within each silent droplet of sweat, preparing trickles of reflection to flood into bone homes of recognized creativity. Here, the motivated, inspired artist stands, trusting in the trembling hands of creation, even as Michelangelo undresses flesh upon ceilings or sculpts David and falls in love with Man!


When climbing, our most religious inspirational sayings motivate us to explore shared portals within. Every facet mirrors inspiration and encouragement from a year’s orbit, all the way to a day’s axis, motivating each priceless breath. Here a Leonardo Mona Lisa inhales. The breath is as if scripture itself paints portraits of forgiven sins and "Last Suppers," moving humans towards outlines of appreciating grace. Powerfully motivated, some of us will swallow the depths of this Inspiration, and or drown in bliss – our tried, tested limits, bursting through strangulated emotions, like Inspiration itself magnetically experiments with pedestals of personality. The mystery of each Leonardo Mona Lisa smile beckons. Give everything, all things, just for a kiss of this Inspiration, the very lips of motivation.

Families of inspired artist hear echoed cries of congratulations in their richest hours of loneliness, even in their sharpest desperation. Here, the I AM meets the unity of motivation, inspiration and encourage, weaving threads of humility that welcome all to their fortunes. Every one who opens their ears and eye to words of motivation and inspiration, can receive a ticket to this intimate ‘marriage feast.’

Artist listen to these words, encouraged to get closer until they embody Inspiration! True Artists awake us, sketching the up and down aesthetics of motivation, inspiration and encouragement. Yes project brilliant breaths; circulate authentic motivation and inspiration through all of us.

Let the artist words of motivation, be words of inspiration and encouragement. Let all artists symbolically fill religious inspirational sayings.

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