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- What Is Epiphany -


This painting with photo light announces Epiphany awakenings. Accentuate laser lines - intuitive leaps searching for light. Embody flesh art in alien sightings, internalizing sudden realizations that illuminate sacred star people in star children art - highlighting havens of heaven above DNA. Elucidate clarified initiations into Quantum-Physics-Consciousness-Shift - leaps through relativity ratios, expounding the description of heaven dimensions.

Combine all time and space this giant, detailed steps emphasizing fused epiphany announcements. Arouse Spirits of Energy, a clarified DNA gyrase in spectacular - radiant translations-discovering painted pictures of crowds.

Pierce the mystic tree - propel experiences in profound ginkgo tree light - floating water plants in timelines.
-what- listen up, repeat this – announce, explicate, expound, illuminate clarify, detail, elucidate
-is be become as , extenuate, accentuate, highlight, heighten, emphasize, and center Neutron Star Souls.

- by Scot Aaron 5-5-2011

ginkgo-tree-twilight ----mystic-tree----lotus-leaf-effect---star-people-art---- heaven-above-dna-art
ginkgo-tree-twilight -----------------mystic-tree------------ lotus-leaf-effect ----------star-people-art----heaven-above-dna-art

This words and links represent the Photo Art Light Painting, "What is epiphany." The realization, suddenly awakens as daylight. Other sources of Epiphany- is Europe's so-called Enlightenment era . [A software web browser is also what is called Epiphany.]

Scot Aaron believes he took this Light Painting "What is Epiphany" when at a Halloween celebration in Venice Beach California during 2008.

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