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- What is DNA Gyrase Synaptic Cleft -


Scot Aaron writes:

What-is-dna-gyrase? Imagine supercoiled DNA requring enzymes to relax and let everything go. DNA Gyrase untangles deoxyriboNucleic acid [DNA] - chromosomes divide - cells reproduce. DNA Gyrase is one proteins [made of amino acids with __ protons of DNA replication. The synaptic-cleft adds activities through molecule realms where nerve cells connect. Yes - let the light of one connect to another, multiplied expoentially through billions of cells. Reverse know gyrase, what antiboitics will halt the disentangling of bacteria DNA.

Here are genetic materialed words highlighting this Light Painting Title that asks what is a super spirling delightful helix hanging around a cellular town. Back space enzyme rhymes and attack the bacteria DNA gyrase - heal - take micro to macrocosm in chartres-labyrinth-meaning.

Unwind - take this through the synaptic mind to divine the humankind cleft left in translucent refined twines - in front and behind precombined redisgns to align relativity in - an angel-of-god-prayer for echoed circles and squares to believe in endless streams of conscoiusness pictures-of-crowds-light-paint-art.

Rise high DNA models in art - break depths into passable gaps - Ancient Sunrise to bridge across synaptic tunnels - funnels to flow - combine shrines to sign and shine with more discovery-of-dna-translation.

- by Scot Aaron - May 2011

-- Landscapes-Animals-Plants-ancient-sunrise------Light-Painting-Gallery/discovery-of-dna-translation-------------/light-paintings/thumbs/pictures-of-crowds-light-paint-2.jpg
---------- - ancient-sunrise - discovery-of-dna-translation --pictures-of-crowds-light-paint-art


Scot Aaron has many light paintings from muliple locations. This "what-is-dna-gyrase-synaptic-cleft" light painting stems from a 2004 photo taken of light in a Colorado Rocky Mountain mine cave.




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