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Paint glowing beams of luminous light - sculpt crowds with featherlike abilities igniting emotional scales, effortless joy to behold root spread pain elegantly screaming for rings of radiant release. Let us breathe agile sunlit colors to ignite and alight bright prisms of freedom. Crowds balance illuminate star-children-art- wrapping willows of wined wisdom beneath circulating caverns modeling an enchanted mind's eye where spectators group in penetrating silhouettes reverberating through buoyant risen spirits sculpting 7-continents-map-art.

Follow symphonies transferring talents to carefree cradled dna-gyrase synaptic clefts. So follow embodiments of crowds with delicate feathered expressionism basking within a mystic-landscape.

- by Scot Aaron - May 2011

Crowds of Light is a Scot Aaron Light Painting taken from colored lights within an exhibit at a Paris Museum. The art image illustrates crowds celebrating choruses to shout refrains and float within prismic pastures paving intensified comprehension's. Let the ability of great artists and masterpiece art inspire.

See the orginal Pictures of Crowds image.

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