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- Heart Symbols of Heart Diagram -


They pray and pray and pray for the spirit to inspire, to get them higher after focusing on rainstorm cloud emotions from dynamic heart symbols. Adapt memories deep within chimes of the mind. Place heart diagrams from smooth cardiac muscles into dendrite den. Replace anger and spite with the chemical chronicles of neurotransmitter love. Yes bless stimulating those holographic hieroglyphic neurons. Feel tenderized tenderness - hubs of concern for these synaptic sympathetic symbols. Pump artery vein focal points through every emblematic muscle and experience fullnesses of life.

Who loves the heart symbol? Who is willing to quote from Broken Hearts? Breed bleed and break brokenhearted blame! Rectify each beloved nucleus from this game of giving everything. Ignite full compassion. Time is ripe to untangle heart symbols?

Embody hearts and be sure to always show kindness when this symbolic organ of the mind does its job by keeping us alive, always ready to present its riddles and rhymes.

Did you know ancient Egyptian understood the heart as the seat of the mind? For mummification they appeared to liquefy brain tissues, suck it out the nose and then pour it into their life-giving Nile.



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