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Someone once begged to understand the simple shared structural building blocks of life. Mendel successfully bred peas, especially the early genetic charts of what would become the sum genetic sum of DNA. Genes appears to model this 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 possible varitations that mix and match spinning round and round wound helix pairs.

Wait? Did simplicity suddenly get complex when the DNA models starts to border on an art form. Molecular biologists seems to contradict themselves when discovering a mass of unused DNA. This is the art form. This is the aesthetics. Maybe more meaning exists then than can understood with materialistic machines. Here the artist strives to unite with the Muse, with potencies in Plato's Ideas. Yes maybe deep art will persist when inspired by Platonic Solids liquids and gases.


Note - for more DNA art - additional artist models of DNA - see what is dna structure. Scot Aaron also asks what is dna gyrase or what will heaven-above-dna-art possibly look like?


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