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everything - like in a geologic timeline dream - brings current meaning in an ancient sunrise, delightful pathways - rapidly transporting minds and souls to vortex awakenings - raven spread wings in streams of enraptured consciousness, pointed clues in cactus. More delight slips-dips-drips- along roadway exuberance. An instantanious revivial spirls - elated with realizations worthy of converged passageways - a mystical magnetic force.

Immediacy prombts global conduits to align rivered roads - awakened from heads to toes - a lotus-leaf-effect - always knowing how to flow - grow - gain - mastery of complexities simplified in a breath, an hour of contemplation, a bountieous daily goal, in lunar months for a great year.

Hear us here pave precious ibis whirlpools, earthquake rocked abyss' - sent to central agencies to unwind, dna twists, teaching of endless cellars, bacteria incubated wine with flagpole wisdom spread across county country lines.


roadway- thoroughfare street pathway trail conduit vortex conduit passageway vortex current whirlpool

trucking transport  transfer carry bring exuberance ecstasy delight joy elation enrapture elate

swift rapid quick  instant prompt, immediate,  speed worthy



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