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Scot Aaron writes:

Here is a picture of the Grand Canyon. The portrait of an impressive canyon features splendid ravines, illustrious rift valleys - a positioned embodiment depicting epitomes of nature. The Grand Canyon National Park is located in the canyons of Arizona.

What can we envision in the mind's eye -- rolling back a a geological timeline in revered gullies of history. Dream of illustrious extensions that weave snake twisted turns between gothic umbrellas, catching shade skin, river revered within discovered gaps - chimed in chasms. What rib breath comprehensiveness creates a mystical magnetic force - poles of polemic poetry inspired by portrait pleasantness.

Sew endless flows like lava bricks building majestic masterpiece palaces of time, slicing through celebrated liquefied layers illustrating an all-encompassing life. Levy satisfaction from tongue tasted tunnels representing buried meals - magnificent monuments to the mind - rain raw with roots tenderly tearing mineraled rocks, paving a purple sage maze or brewed burning bush seedling spreads.

Hear blazing tree bones bask in brilliant echoes impressed upon skeleton silk - our cocoon butterfly birth to fill canyoned earth - bathing in blazing blue sky excellence sculpting Enlightened Vibes from sunflower pictures, a painting zoo emotion scattered through lizard locations - power Animal with perched eagle zoom electrifying energy extensions leapt and wept through well-known canyons.

Transcend sedimentary diagrams from heart symbols - give me a light painting with pictures of crowds to sow virtuous green, seedlings of survival multiplying exponential models in dna art.

- by Scot Aaron May 2011

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pictures of crowds light painting.
tree bones--a geological timeline--diagrams from heart symbols --pictures of crowds light painting--power Animal
-------- tree bones -----------------a geological timeline ----- diagrams from heart symbols --------------------power Animal



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