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Scot Aaron writes:

Trees symbolize true spiritual power. The Biblical "Tree of Life" requires a flame sword of protection for those able to partake upon luminous fruit. We can read from the Genesis :

God brought forth of the ground all manner of [mystic] trees, enchanting to behold, most pleasant to eat of: the tree of life enlightened the mysticism of paradise: all within the branching tree of knowledge of good and evil.

May we embody a mystical magnetic force, transforming spectral colors of land, sky, breeze, seas and leaves. What can we see? May we suspend ourselves in Himalayan mountain lavender - mysticisms - or structure trees for what is a labyrinth forest. Trees can freely offer succulent seeds, seeming to perpetually embody symbols of growth - new rings for each year. Yes, carbon soot from wood fueled fires sinks and spreads into fertile top soils. All this, as if to remember that whispered wisdom within the homes of ancient tree bones. Do we examine the structure of branches climbing their ladder towards sun light? Do we penetrate trunks, roots, seeds and work of leaves? Like a sage within the magical forest grove we witness imaginations climb numinous ladders to an illuminating divine union of mystic ecstasy - even ripened in a kabbalah mysticism. Consider every shaman vortex re-forming creation as if from pictures of 7 continents.

Contemplate nature in a cocoon butterfly birth. Dream of energy interactions rising as trees in a mystic landscape.

- by Scot Aaron May 2011

a-mystical-magnetic-force---himalaya-mountian-lavendar----mystic landscape----tree bones
mystical-magnetic-force----himalaya-mountian-lavendar- -----mystic landscape----------------------tree bones


The original picture for "Mystic Tree" is taken by Scot Aaron in Amsterdam during this 2004 Europe trips. Feel free to look into the definition of the Mystic to learn more about the mystical divine union. You can also download a pdf article on the subatomic realms with Mystical Physics.

Related spirituality, the branching tree can symbolize ranks and levels of awareness. This structure of energy increases through cosmological relative realms of embodied realizations. An appendix of Scot Aaron's 2004 book "God's Science" highlights tree-like embodiments of time and space within Buddhist and Hindu Comsology. If you would like to see other pictures of trees, Scot Aaron took a captivating picture of an old tree in an ancient sunrise a top the Grand Canyon. Also see a slideshow [upper left] or a links for Scot Aaron's Landscape Plants and Animals Gallery.



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