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Scot Aaron writes:

Here we calibrate individuality within nature, especially animals, or plants, even landscapes. How do the qualities of instinctive subconscious behaviors relate to animals - or are we as humans transferring our consciousness into what we see in animals? Where are the sacred animal attributes - like the Baboon or Ibis bird representing the divine Egyptian God Thoth? How many know about divine animal personalities, for example in the Hindu monkey god Hanuman? Animals spirits share traits to connect and exchange power. Relate with two river swan transformations. Alchemically transmute lifeless flows into metallic glows that reflect a mystical magnetic force.

The times can present uplifted characters behaving with honesty and integrity. Access nature with a personal Power Animal. Can we float as water plants upon a timeless earth womb. Now turn around and touch lama animal spirits. Taste a new supernatural persona when digesting magical mushrooms. Protect with thorn birth songs - delicate wings to weave through a forest labyrinth - complete with thorny plants - always respecting grounded behaviors as meat eating plants. Exercise intrinsic tendencies as a special visionary with the sunshine sipping pink lotus leave effect. Let eyes, ears, nose, taste and touch feast upon our subconscious yet visceral animal personalities.

- by Scot Aaron May 2011

swan-transformation--a mystical magnetic force---pink lotus leave effect-----Power Animal---
---swan-transformation------a mystical magnetic force-------pink lotus leave effect---------------Power Animal

This image of the animals and their personalities was taken by Scot Aaron in Luxembourg 2007.

Many universities present an academic approach to the psychology of animal personality. The Chinese Zodiac Calendar spans yearly animal personalities - encompassing qualities from rat to horse dog pig monkey rooster ox snake dragon hare tiger and sheep.





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