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Scot Aaron writes:

The sunrise occurs in the ancient atmosphere of atop the grand canyon. The dawn breaks upon a prehistoric location filled with native Indian memories. Can we prepare the senses from primeval sun worship, rejoicing in each daybreak for offering insightful, transformative light? The ancient seeds pass on new trees weaving their aged branches through an olden atmospheres where eagle birds of prey search a geological timeline. Though fossiled layers of may present non conformities, the Geology of the Grand Canyon presents forgotten eras of dynamic changes once occurring on Earth.

Can we witness a sunrise - the first light crack of dawn - and embody the essence of existence? The precise, seemingly endless moment where life itself presents the magnificence of colors, symbolic magnificence splitting reality as if into distinct stages - red, yellow green blue and violet. Redden sunrise as the heat of red stretches wavelengths until condensing to blues until violet reminds of how water freezes into the structures of cold atoms. Slip into an ultraviolet when searching for light. Now transfer to the crimson solar shades, then open inner eyes for the simple photosynthesis - like like natures sunshine.

Flow with an ancient landscape, rising layers upon layers, a sun rising through unseen, mysterious Earth time. where is the grand canyon rim. Where does the day to day start and a new dimension begin?

- by Scot Aaron May 2011

a geological timeline - searching for light - solar shades - where is the grand canyon rim
--a geological timeline ------searching for light -------solar shades ----where is the grand canyon rim

Scot Aaron took the original photo for Ancient Sunrise at the Grand Canyon when when the Sun was rising. On his way back to California, he drove all night, slept for a few hours in the parking lot of the Grand Canyon National Park and awoke with the sun to photograph this image. Some ancient trees live for more than a thousand years, counting ring after ring.

Note - The Earth sun rises at distinct times throughout the year. The day is longest during the summer when the Earth axis points towards the Sun.



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