These are inverted samples of 2Scot Aaron poArt "Expressionism" paintings
... this is Scot Aaron's primary style of art for 16+ years.

poArt is "the art that speaks." Notice how the crossed "t" of Scot ends in a mouth. ...


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poArt Expressionism: Roots of Humanity


poArt Expressionism: Fallin Fast

2Scot Aaron poArt "fallin fast"


poArt Expressionism: Ego Wind



From 1993-2004 Scot Aaron created poArts, often doing a poArt painting a day. Each poArt includes a watercolor based painting with a poems.

poArt Expressionism: These Attachments2scot_aaron_poart-These_Attachments
“These Attachments”

Searching souls
with or without the glow
deeds break
and surround with failure,
grounds to give up
or forget about all this
this dancing with chains
blaming the self
asking for help
only to strangulate,
to never partake
just to fail again
like endless generations
say again and again,
with tools for staying attached ,
to nothing…

let go
to be free.

poArt Expressionism poem: These Attachments - June 21, 05 ; Capo Beach CA


poArt Expressionism: "Shake UP"
Shake UP

Shake up,
plow down,
like we really knew
like let’s grow
make mountains
form streams
but shake up,
seem brilliant,
blessed, serene
& then soar
find and locate doors,
river edges
even raging current
to let us be free,
so, don’t be sacred.

poArt Expressionism poem: "Shake UP" - June 20, 05  Capo Beach CA


poArt Expressionism: "Always More"
"Always More" ... Can we convince ourselves? too far from darkness ... too close to know .... strangulating ourselves ... to hold on ... make everything plain & simple ... a walk in the park ... appreciating how some trees grow ... then letting go ... holding on to God (or something) ... great gifts ... so close ... so far ... thanking ourselves ... for single moments ... yet ALWAYS MORE ... new days ... always ways to awake



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